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Baba Yaga Collective currently has three core members: Milou Stella, George Paris, and Loreal Prystaj. For now, we aim to be fluid and develop organically through experiments, projects, and shared visions.


Based on a boat navigating London and the South East of the UK, Baba Yaga is not only a studio, but also a home designed to be an intimate space for art, music, creative activities, and collaborations. We’ve been channeling all of the DIY spirit required to embark on such an adventure and not lightly, considering the circumstances. It was during lockdown 1.0, after a serendipitous exchange of conversations with artist and friend Loreal, that the idea for our first collaboration developed.

With limited means, and born as a response to our precarious and isolated year, we’ve been craving connections and opportunities for conversations that might help us navigate the many challenges artists and creative practitioners like us find themselves in due to our professions.

Art2Art Chats will be a podcast exploring these urgent topics, aimed at creative practitioners who work across different disciplines, it will be a platform to connect and collaborate remotely (for now), and get to know each other as we build our first network.

Read our mission below or scroll down to listen to our podcast teaser.


Baba Yaga, as an itinerant space, is based on the belief in the empowering creativity of collective action and shared ideas.


We aim to work in a fluid way: the outcomes are not known beforehand, and therefore the projects are open to all kinds of inputs, approaches and perspectives.


In this way, Baba Yaga Collective aims to investigate and work with the social aspects of artists' lives, connecting us to each other and to our society as creative practitioners through conversations, talks, collaboration exploring the possibilities of self-organising, co-creation and the politics of art today.


The intention is to enable artists to identify and negotiate power imbalances attached to imaginaries regarding space, self and other, and thus fostering a reimagination of artistic life and expression that can widen our understanding of creative practices within our society.

Art 2 Art Chats podcast teaser

First episode to be released early 2021

Art2Art chats PREVIEWBaba Yaga Collective
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Loreal Prystaj (she/her) is a visual artist based in London. 


Her work presently focuses on the subconscious, and inherited psyche. By performing as or ‘playing’ in cultural motifs – narratively or decoratively – Prystaj transforms once familiar spaces into mise en scène that highlights the connection between the physical environment and the internal states past and present. Through psycho-analysis She expresses these ideas with photography, collecting, installation, and sculptural interpretation.

Milou Stella (she/her) is a  French-Italian multidisciplinary artist and creative facilitator based in London. 


Her practice encompasses painting, texts, drawing, textiles and music. Often working with recycled materials, found objects and paper, she's interested in mixing 'high art' and craft techniques within her practice to explore themes of gender and identity with a particular passion for the politics of textiles, queer theory and feminisms, framed within issues of sustainability and wellbeing.

George Paris (he/him) is a British sound-artist, songwriter and musician based in London. An electronic music composer as well as vocalist and guitarist his work explores field recording, found sound, electroacoustic composition, and contemporary song.

For the past 6 years he has been an art programme manager in East London, collaborating with visual, textile and performance artists. During this year he wants to utilise cross-arts collaboration in his own sound work, exploring participation and composition for moving image.

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