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recycled textiles, workshops, commissions and lots of embroidery.

I believe embroidery to be one of many radical tools that we can use to make art in the times we live in which is why it's a strong feature alongside textiles in my practice. In particular, it's its slow pace and longstanding association with acts of resistance and wellbeing that sparked my interest in this ancient craft; embroidery can be an activity to explore common grounds, collaboration and functionality. I really don’t see embroidery as ‘merely’ decorative. Inspired by folklore and folk art, embroidery makes me think of the richness of people’s lives and stories, making the mark it leaves on fabric, a powerful witness of value, care and emotional existence.


I'm proud to have spent the last last five years developing and sharing these skills through the delivery of commercial and community workshops focusing on embroidery and the upcycling of textiles. I discovered my passion for embroidery, whilst working in the world of second-hand and vintage fashion. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with needle and thread, paint, embroidery traditions whilst also learning to sew.

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Commission #22: Mend for Valentina, 2022


New Series of workshop 

Introduction to hand-embroidery stitches

11 am- 1.30 pm

Visible Mending with Embroidery

2.30pm- 5 pm

Address: Fabrications, 7 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

This is a fun full-day embroidery workshop that will provide everything you need to start your adventure into the wild world of hand-embroidery.

The focus of this workshop is both on learning a selection of stitches ideal for upcycling garments, and techniques that will allow you to use embroidery as a tool to give your wardrobe a wonderful, magic, exciting new life.


 - In the morning you'll learn at least 6 stitches using a fun handprinted zero waste totebag sampler (check the inspo behind the Magic Totebag here!).

- You'll also be provided with a starter kit which includes Anchor Threads, needles, 6" hoop, and of course, magic totebag sampler.

- You'll receive two downloadable PDF with visual instructions to take home, whilst using the paper versions in the class.

- In the afternoon you'll learn basic transfer methods.

- We'll discuss different upcycling techniques based on fabrics and styles and garment contruction.

 - You'll be provided with design ideas through samples

 -  You'll get a short 1:1 session to direct you where you want to with your upcycling project for a more personalised upcycling experience.

- All materials needed are provided, but you must bring your own garment!

Visible Mend

Visible Mending Commissions


Bespoke and unique, at the crossroad between wearable art and mending and storytelling, this service begins with an intimate conversation about vision, care and repair. Like no other mending service, you'll have a 30 minutes consultation to share the story of the piece and engage in a conversation to find a personal connection through which to bring transformation to your item.

I only accept a commission when I know that we have reached this point. There is no size limit, and once I commit on the vision, I'm happy to share progress, drawings and details.

Starting price is £60 + materials.

To know more, get in contact:



“Almost all creativity requires purposeful play – Abraham Maslow.

White needle pouch.webp

Set the creative mood with this all-inclusive kit for embroidery and sewing.

Tactile and full of personality, these pouches are a must-have for lovers of textiles, upcycling and embroidery. All one-of-a-kind, made using recycled materials from art projects; from hand-printed gauze to velvets, hand-dyed cotton, corduroy or hand-painted luxurious silks. Carefully considered fabric qualities, colours and moods, make each unique pouch a pleasure to touch and handle.

As waste is the worst: the paper instructions sheet has a 2-in-1 purpose, including 12 unique moody embroidery designs to be cut out and used straight away. For anyone who likes to do their own thing, I've also added 2 small Solvy transfer sheets that you can print on too, and a fabric patch to work with. Complimented by the perfect travel sewing and embroidery kit including 47 pieces (from small scissors to a good needle threader), this all-inclusive fun kit is ideal for creative hands at the beginning of their upcycling journey, colourful experimenters searching for the right mood to get embroidering, passionate textile lovers with expert eyes, and, of course, for anyone who's looking for a cool gift requiring no fuss.

Small personalisations such as initials or small decorative details are possible if given communicated in time, especially during the festive season. Orders of up to 20 needle pouches are possible. Please get in contact to discuss:

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