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Week 4 | Pregnant people floating and three headed projections

Deadlines| More applications | Sewing | Meetings | Music

Animation work in progress of: "Pregnant people floating among rubbish"

This week was all about prioritising.

Milou bot says: make to do lists, make a schedule, make time for digital work, test the projector, paint in the evenings, sew, and arrange meetings. Submit artwork to shows, apply again to get funding for Open studio week in April. Faster, stronger, more productive.

Projection test n.1 for animation and performance event planned for April's Open Studio.

But, the Open Studio week plan has started to take shape. It feels exciting despite the financial struggle that I envisage. The amount of organisations skills required for this residency are a true challenge, but I feel like there's no way I'm going to NOT make the most of this. I might not get another residency every again. Life has been extremely precarious in the last three years. Both the pandemic, and three failed fertility treatments have had a huge impact on my sense of self. It would on anyone. I accept it. But this has increased the sense of urgency around these experiments and work.

Music experiments have begun: I have just about enough animations and a mini and mad storyboard to work with. I want to create narratives and break narratives, super-impose, copy and paste, mix, speed up, slow down, distort. As this is what thinking about fertility, learning about fertility, and experience unexplained infertility feels like to me. I definitely want to ask questions about the stories that we tell ourselves or are told about fertility, being a nuclear family, having a womb, being a parent or being childfree or childless.

Hey, do you want to support my work?

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